Best Dessert Cups 2023

If you want to serve your guests tasty desserts, it is important that you have the right cups on hand. In this article we will take a look at some of the best dessert cups available on the internet right now.

Our top choice is the Lex Store Dessert Cups, which have a remarkably sturdy hard plastic construction. These cups come in packs of 50 and offer a total capacity of five ounces each. They also come with durable spoons and lids. We really like that the lids seal tightly over the cups to keep the contents fresh and secure.

Before you decide on any dessert cups in particular, we encourage you to learn about the following products.

How We Picked The Best Dessert Cups

As we put together our best dessert cups list, there were a number of things that we took into consideration. We made a point of selecting cups that have a sturdy construction. This drastically reduces the chances of cracks and other types of damage, so you can be certain they will hold up well.

When setting out to review dessert cups, we also looked for ones that have a decent capacity of at least five ounces. We only selected cups that offer an ideal portion size for a variety of desserts. You’ll find that each of the cups listed in this article are very solid and make of safe food grade materials.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Dessert Cups 2023:

Lex Store 50 Pack Dessert Cups with Lids and Spoons

EASERCY 50 Pack 5oz Plastic Dessert Cups

Eupako 100 Pack 5 oz Square Clear Plastic Dessert Cups

HawHawToys Dessert 60 Pack 5.4 oz Cups

Foraineam 100 Pack 5.4 oz Plastic Dessert Cups

Lex Store 50 Pack Dessert Cups with Lids and Spoons

The Lex Store Dessert Cups measures 7.5 by 5.8 centimeters and come with lids to keep the contents sealed in tightly. This really helps with ensuring that whatever is inside remains fresh for quite a while. You can reuse these cups over and over, which helps a lot with saving money.

We really like that these cups are made of durable, BPA-free plastic that is completely food safe. This is just one reason that we included them in our best dessert cups list.

Each cup has a total capacity of five ounces, so they can accommodate a good amount of food at once. They are definitely worth considering when seeking out the best parfait cups on the market.

The lids that come with these cups are specifically designed to prevent leaks. You therefore will never have to deal with any messes. This is especially beneficial when you are travelling with them. They always stay firmly on to prevent spills while ensuring food freshness.

When you purchase these cups, you will also receive 50 clear plastic spoons for added convenience. These spoons are lightweight yet durable and easy to use. This means that you don’t have to worry about using your own flatware at home.

These cups are remarkably resilient and be transported with no hassle whatsoever. They are also eco-friendly due to their recyclable material. You can wash and reuse them many times over the years.

As you review dessert cups online, we highly recommend taking a close look at these. You will get your money’s worth to say the least. They are the perfect size for many a wide range of delicious desserts.


  • Made of durable and food safe plastic material
  • Cups are washable and can be reused over and over
  • Lids seal tightly over cups to keep contents fresh and secure
  • All items included are recyclable for eco-friendliness
  • Also comes with 50 spoons that are sturdy and easy to use
  • Perfect size for many parfait and many other desserts


  • Some customers say lids need to be scotch taped during transporting.


EASERCY 50 Pack 5oz Plastic Dessert Cups

The EASERCY dessert cups have a five ounce capacity, making them ideal for many different culinary creations. You will receive 50 cups, lids, and spoons.

You’ll find that the lids in this set fit snugly over the cups. This will help keep your desserts fresh in the refrigerator. They will also keep the contents from spilling in transit.

One of our favorite things about these cups is their sturdy overall construction. They are made of BPA-free plastic that is quite tough and food safe. This is definitely something to keep in mind when looking for the best dessert cups online.

Each cup measures 3 by 2.2 by 1.6 inches, which offers plenty of room for lots of tasty desserts. You might actually be surprised just how much you can pack into each cup.

The full size plastic spoons that are included with these cups make it easy to enjoy the contents. They are very durable and will not snap or break easily. This ensures that everyone has their own spoon.

As you review parfait cups for your next event, we highly recommend this product. These cups are spacious but lightweight, as well as tough. You can also reuse them a number of times, which is a huge plus.


  • Durable BPA-free plastic construction will hold up through many uses
  • Spacious cups offer plenty of room for a variety of desserts
  • Cups can be recycled once you no longer need them
  • Comes with full size spoons that are very easy to use
  • Lids are specifically designed to keep contents fresh and sealed in tight
  • Lightweight and incredibly easy to travel with


  • A few customers say that they didn’t receive enough lids


Eupako 100 Pack 5 oz Square Clear Plastic Dessert Cups

The Eupako square plastic dessert cups are completely clear, which allows you to see the contents. These cups offer five ounces of space each, measuring 2.2 by 1.5 by 3 inches.

One of our favorite things about these cups is their incredibly solid construction. They are made of hard plastic material that won’t get damaged easily. You can therefore transport them without having to worry about any cracks or other issues.

In addition to the cups in this set, you will also receive 100 clear plastic lids and spoons. The lids are easy to snap on and will keep the contents securely inside at all times. This goes a long way towards keeping your parfait, yogurt, jelly, ice cream, or other desserts fresh.

The cups, spoons, and lids are all made of food grade material. This makes them perfectly safe to use. The spoons are a decent size and can be used without any unnecessary hassle.

When it comes to finding the best dessert cups, Eupako offers an excellent solution. These cups are fairly large but don’t weigh very much at all. They are also disposable, which means that you won’t have to deal with any washing or cleaning.


  • 100 pack of cups, spoons, and lids ensures that you get a good overall deal
  • All items in set are made of hard food-safe plastic that can be recycled
  • Disposable cups help you save time by eliminating need for cleaning/washing
  • Each cup has 5 ounce capacity for many different desserts
  • Spoons are also quite sturdy and easy to use
  • Lids create a tight seal to keep contents fresh and prevent spills


  • Cups can only be used one time (not reusable)


HawHawToys Dessert 60 Pack 5.4 oz Cups

The HawHawToys Dessert Cups have a 5.4 ounce capacity, so you will have lots of space for a variety of desserts. These cups are made of BPA-free plastic that you can see through. They are incredibly durable compared to many other cups on the market today.

We especially like the lids that come with these cups. They will keep your desserts fresh and secure, which is incredibly helpful when travelling with them. You won’t have to deal with any spills or messes whatsoever.

Another reason that we chose these cups for our best dessert cups list is their stackable design. This makes them incredibly easy to store and transport. You will end up saving quite a bit of space, which is a nice little convenience.

The spoons that also come with these cups will allow everyone to eat their desserts easily. Each spoon is made of the same durable and food safe material, so there is nothing to worry about. They are quite solid and will not break easily.

You might also appreciate the disposable design of these cups. This means that you won’t have to deal with any cleanup. These cups are recyclable, which makes them very eco-friendly. We highly recommend this product when you review dessert cups on the internet.


  • Generous 5.4-ounce capacity offers lots of space
  • Tough hard plastic construction will hold up well
  • Cups are made of BPA-free material that is 100% food safe
  • Stackable design helps you save space and makes transportation easier
  • Plastic lids included in set are also sturdy and seal tightly over cups
  • Clear plastic material lets guests see the beautiful and delicious desserts


  • Cups cannot be heated (not the best choice for hot foods)


Foraineam 100 Pack 5.4 oz Plastic Dessert Cups

The Foraineam plastic dessert cups have a capacity of 5.4 ounces for maximum space. These cups measure 3 by 2 ¼ by 2.5 inches each. They are made of sturdy transparent plastic material that makes it easy to see the contents.

Each cup is recyclable and disposable, which means no need for cleaning or washing. Despite being made for just one use, they are quite tough. You can therefore rely on them to hold up well with no cracks or other damage.

We also really like that these cups are stackable. This helps a lot with saving space, which is something you will definitely appreciate. It also allows for convenient and secure transportation.

The octagonal shape of these cups gives them a unique and interesting look. They are ideal for just about any dessert, from tiramisus to parfait. This makes them a great choice for best dessert cups.

You will receive 100 cups and spoons per pack. The spoons also have a solid plastic construction and are designed for easy use.

Whether you are planning a wedding or just a backyard barbeque, these cups have a lot to offer. They are tough, eco-friendly, and offer lots of room for a wide range of tasty treats.


  • Transparent plastic material is tough and easy to see through
  • Can be reused or disposed of after a single use (recyclable)
  • Comes with solid plastic spoons for each cup
  • Gives you 5.4 ounces of space for virtually any type of dessert
  • Stackable design is hugely convenient and helps save space
  • Octagonal shape gives cups an interesting look


  • Cups do not come with lids


Best Dessert Cups Buying Guide

Best Dessert Cups

Before you can decide on the best dessert cups for your next event, you’ll need to carefully look over your options. The list below will provide you with some valuable criteria for selecting the right ones.


As you look for the best dessert cups online, you’ll need to focus on their overall construction. We highly recommend cups that are made of a sturdy hard plastic. This will minimize the chances of damage while transporting or using them. This material should also be BPA-free to ensure safe use.

You’ll find that transparent/clear plastic cups allow guests to see the beautiful and delicious contents. This is definitely something worth considering as you look through your options.

We also recommend that you look for cups that are recyclable. These days more and more companies are selling eco-friendly cups and other plastic products. You shouldn’t have to look very far to find what you need.

Size and Shape

When you review parfait cups for your upcoming event, you should also consider the size of each one. You’ll want to look for cups that offer a total capacity of 5 to 5.4 ounces. This is the perfect portion size for parfait, yogurt, ice cream, tiramisu, and many other desserts.

Take a look at the dimensions and weight of these cups before making a final decision. This information will help you choose the best dessert cups.

You might want to consider the shape of these cups as well. They come in a variety of shapes, the most common of which are rectangular.

There are also octagonal cups, which offer an interesting and unique aesthetic. Look for cups that have an elegant overall design. This is a nice little touch that will serve to impress your guests.

Additional Items

Some of the very best dessert cups on the market come with lids and spoons for each cup. It is important that the lids seal tightly so as to keep the contents fresh and secure. This is absolutely crucial when it comes to avoiding huge messes when you are transporting your desserts.

Make sure that the spoons are a good size so that none of your guests will struggle with using them. Both the lids and spoons should be made of durable plastic material. You shouldn’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking at any point.

Reusable vs. Disposable

You should make a point of exploring both reusable and disposable cup options. When you review dessert cups, you will find that some of the best ones can be used over and over.

While reusable cups do require cleaning after each use, you will most likely end up saving quite a bit of money in the long term. Keep in mind that most of these cups are very easy to clean. You won’t need to spend much time or effort washing each one.

One of the benefits of purchasing disposable cups is that you won’t have to deal with washing them. This will save you quite a bit of time and effort. If you plan on using them again for some other event in the future, you’ll want to opt for the reusable variety.


If you are planning a big event with lots of guests, you might want to purchase a large quantity of cups. As you review parfait cups, you should look for packs of 50 or 100.

Remember, it’s always better to have a little more than you need rather than not enough. You should be able to find a good deal when buying lots of cups at once. Take a look at the amounts that are available with each product before making a final decision.

Other Considerations

The very best dessert cups will have a stackable design. You’ll quickly find that this can be very helpful when transporting a large number of cups at once. It will also help you save a significant amount of storage space.


If you need to find the best dessert cups, it is important to look for ones that have a very solid construction. We recommend cups that are made of a hard plastic material. They should also have a stackable design for easier transportation and storage. Feel free to comment below so we know what you think about our list.

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